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  • Monday, September 22nd, 4:00pm

    at CGSB Auditorium, 12 Waverly Place

    Monday Seminar Series

    Dr. Lee Alan Dugatkin, Louisville University

  • Monday, September 29th, 4:00pm

    at CGSB Auditorium, 12 Waverly Place

    Monday Seminar Series

    Dr. Doris Bachtrog, UC Berkeley

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Spotlight on Education

The 2013 PhD Graduate student awards winners are...

2013 PhD Graduate Awards were presented at the Annual In-house Retreat on September 6, 2013. Read More

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The newly built Greenhouse allows our faculty to study plant biodiversity, biofuels and climate change. Read More


  • The Coruzzi lab has identified a new “hit-and-run” transcription mechanism. The findings were published in a recent issue of PNAS.

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  • In a recent Genetics paper, Sarah Albritton (Ercan lab) shows that the nematode X chromosomes have higher female-biased and lower male-biased expression.

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  • Lionel Christiaen was awarded with Young Investigator Award.

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  • Using an unusual experimental model, Miriam Rosenberg proposed that the wasp Nasonia exhibits a dual mode of segmentation: long germ like Drosophila at the anterior of the embryo, and short germ, with a segmentation clock at its posterior, as in most basal insects. This allowed her to suggest an evolutionary path for early embryonic development.

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  • Robert Johnston and Claude Desplan described in a recent issue of Science how each of the two alleles of the gene spineless, which control the stochastic expression of Rhodopsin photopigments in the Drosophila retina, are turned ON or OFF randomly in photoreceptor cells. When the two alleles make different decisions, communication between them allows the cell to coordinate expression.

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Mark L. Siegal

Associate Professor

"An evolutionary systems biologist, an award-winning teacher and the Director of Undergraduate Studies."

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Video Spotlight

A video tour of the new Irene Rose Sohn Zegar Memorial Greenhouse

NYU President John Sexton officially dedicated the new Irene Rose Sohn Zegar Memorial Greenhouse at the NYU Center for Genomics and Systems Biology on Wed. October 17th, 2012. Read More