Upcoming Events

  • Friday, September 26th, 9:30am

    at Silver 1003

    PhD Student Colloquium

    Hsiao-Yun Liu & Hong Mu

  • Monday, September 29th, 4:00pm

    at CGSB Auditorium, 12 Waverly Place

    Monday Seminar Series

    Dr. Doris Bachtrog, UC Berkeley

  • Wednesday, October 1st, 6:00pm

    at CGSB 8th Floor, 12 Waverly Pl.

    Evening Evolution Group

    Dr. Alberto Stolfi, NYU Biology

  • Friday, October 3rd, 9:30am

    at Silver 1003

    PhD Student Colloquium

    Wei-Hsiang Lin & Sun Melody Foo

  • Monday, October 6th, 4:00pm

    at CGSB Auditorium, 12 Waverly Place

    Monday Seminar Series

    Dr. Cassandra Extavour, Harvard University

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We have 11 new PhD students from all over the world. Read More

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CGSB Lobby

The Biology Department's Center for Genomics and Systems Biology expanded into its brand new building in the Spring of 2011. Read More


  • CGSB Assistant Professor Christine Vogel was recently awarded a 4-year NIH grant to model protein expression changes.

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  • Konstantine Tchourine from the Vogel and Bonneau labs has published a computational study in Molecular BioSystems with a team of co-workers.

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  • PhD Student Julia Maritz from the Carlton lab published a review as a front cover article in the July issue of Trends in Parasitology.

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  • The Coruzzi lab has identified a new “hit-and-run” transcription mechanism. The findings were published in a recent issue of PNAS.

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  • In a recent Genetics paper, Sarah Albritton (Ercan lab) shows that the nematode X chromosomes have higher female-biased and lower male-biased expression.

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Harry Adolph Charipper

"A specialist in endocrine histology, hematology, and tissue cytology who did extensive work in vertebrate anatomy, cytology techniques and sense ...

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Video Spotlight

CGSB Scientist R. Bonneau and IBM Mark Computational Milestone

IBM announced a major computational milestone – surpassing 500,000 CPU years of computer time used by CGSB scientist Richard Bonneau and his Proteome Folding Project. Read More