Plant Biology

Research opportunities in this area include advanced training in plant molecular genetics and genomics of Arabidopsis and plant species, with specific emphasis on developmental genetics, evolution, biochemical genetics, and signal transduction. NYU Biology also offers a joint graduate training track with the New York Botanical Garden (NYBG) called BRIDGES. In this track, students are trained to use modern molecular and genomic techniques to understand plant biodiversity, systematics, evolution, and economic botany. This collaboration provides unique opportunities for students to combine field-work with molecular analysis.

NYU Biology Faculty in this research area:

Ken Birnbaum Arabidopsis/Rice Genomics
Gloria Coruzzi Arabidopsis/Rice/Gymnosperm Genomics
Michael Purugganan Arabidopsis/Rice Genomics

Associated NYBG Curators:
Amy Litt
Dennis Stevenson

Affiliated CSHL Faculty:

Rob Martienssen Arabidopsis/Maize
Dick McCombie Genomes and Bioinformatics

Bio Core 1: Molecules and Cells BIOL-GA.1001
Bio Core 2: Genes, Systems and Evolution BIOL-GA.1002
Bio Core 3: Molecules and Cells/Discussion-Based BIOL-GA.2003
Bio Core 4: Genes, Systems and Evolution/Discussion-Based BIOL-GA.2004
The Art of Scientific Investigation BIOL-GA.3001
Statistics in Biology BIOL-GA.2030

Plant Biology Curriculum
Molecular Control of organism form and function BIOL-GA.1072
Plant Systematics BIOL-GA.2269
Economic Botany BIOL-GA.1075
Genomics BIOL-GA.1128
Bioinformatics and Genomes BIOL-GA.1127
Fundamentals of Developmental Genetics I & II BIOL-GA.2130-2131
Developmental Biology BIOL-GA.1120
Molecular Evolution BIOL-GA.3018
Advanced Genetics BIOL-GA.1126
Advanced Topics in Genetics BIOL-GA.3020
Principles of Evolution BIOL-GA.1069