Undergraduate Award Winner for AY16/17

Congratulations to this year's winners of Biology Department Undergraduate Awards!

The Benjamin Salom Memorial Award for excellence in Biology by a Junior or Senior student who has performed outstanding research. Congratulations Kristen Lee.

The Chair's Biology Award for exceptional ability and commitment in the study of natural science and/or research biology by a major. Congratulations to sophomores Lawrence Zeldin , juniors Sijia Xu and Nina M Maryn  and seniors Carolyn Hennecken, Priyanka Srivastava, Samuel Akil

The Charles H. Willey Prize in Biology Honors awarded to the senior who, in the judgment of the Department of Biology, has completed the requirements for an Honors in Biology with the greatest distinction. Congratulations Mohammad Sadic.

The George Schwartz Prize in Biology awarded for outstanding performance in the laboratory assignments in the general biology laboratory course. Congratulations Alexander Swan.

The Horace W. Stunkard Prize in Biology awarded to a senior who has majored in biology and whose personal and scholastic qualifications give promise of a noteworthy professional career. Congratulations Tanim Jain.

The Wortis Biological Prize awarded to the senior who has maintained the highest scholastic record for three years in biology. Congratulations Mohammad Sadic

All students were honored during an awards ceremony held by the College of Arts and Sciences. Good work everyone!