Kris Gunsalus

Kris Gunsalus

Associate Professor of Biology; Faculty Director of Bioinformatics

Ph.D. 1997 (Genetics and Development), Cornell; B.A. 1984 (Chemistry/Biology), Cornell.

Office Address: 

New York University
Department of Biology
Center for Genomics and Systems Biology
12 Waverly Place, Room 603
New York, NY 10003


(212) 998-8236


(212) 995-4015

Areas of Research/Interest: 

Developmental systems biology.

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Our laboratory is interested in the integrative analysis of diverse functional genomics data to identify groups of genes that work in specific cellular and developmental processes. A major challenge in systems biology is how to extract meaningful biological insights from large heterogeneous data sets that probe different aspects of gene function. Several ongoing projects in the lab use integrative approaches to analyze and interpret large-scale datasets and to generate testable hypotheses on gene function in different biological systems. These projects all involve close collaborative interaction between experimental and computational scientists.

Molecular networks in C. elegans early embryogenesis
We have used an integrative approach to characterize gene networks that function in the very early C. elegans embryo, based on data from different kinds of functional genomics data that we and others have collected, such as protein-protein interactions, gene expression profiles, and phenotypic maps (Fig. 1). We are currently extending this work in collaboration with the laboratory of Dr. Fabio Piano to systematically define genetic interactions in C. elegans early embryogenesis. Genetic interactions tell us about logical relationships between different cellular components, and we are analyzing how these functional dependencies complement other functional data that we already have in hand. The long-term goal of this work is to develop a global map of the molecular architecture underlying early development in C. elegans.

Figure 1. C. elegans gene networks in early embryogenesis. (a) A composite view of around 30,000 functional linkages between 661 C. elegans genes with phenotypes in the early embryo, based on protein-protein interactions (Int), phenotypic similarity based on a signature of 45 early embryonic phenotypic characters (Ph), and gene co-expression in a compendium of gene expression data (Tr). (b) When the network is filtered for high-confidence functional links between genes (supported by two or more types of functional genomic data, e.g. phenotypic correlation and protein-protein interaction), a modular organization of molecular machinery is revealed, in which groups of highly interconnected genes are linked to each other via a small number of functional interactions. Adapted from Gunsalus et al., Nature 2005.

Genetic requirements for mouse early embryogenesis
We are collaborating with Dr. Nicole Noyes of the NYU School of Medicine to predict and analyze RNAi phenotypes in early mouse embryos using time-lapse microscopy. For this work, we are leveraging functional genomic data from several model organisms to identify candidate genes for RNAi that will help us define the spectrum of phenotypic defects that can occur in early mammalian embryos, similar to our previous work in C. elegans. One of the goals of this translational project is to develop a more sophisticated and non-invasive way to determine the developmental potential of human embryos for patients who seek reproductive assistance for infertility.

Post-transcriptional gene regulation in C. elegans
Regulation of mRNA localization, translation, and stability is increasingly recognized as in important layer in the regulation of gene activity in diverse biological systems. The modENCODE Consortium is an NIH/NHGRI initiative to identify and analyze functional elements in model organism genomes. As part of modENCODE, we are involved in the annotation of C. elegans 3’UTRs and functional sequence elements contained in these regions. The goal of this work is to identify and test putative post-transcriptional regulatory networks in development. This project is a collaboration with Fabio Piano (PI), John Kim (U. Michigan, Co-PI), and Nikolaus Rajewsky (Center for Medical Systems Biology, Max Delbruck Center, Berlin, Co-PI).

Interactive tools for functional genomic data
As part of these projects, we develop web-based tools and graphical interfaces to provide the research community at large with enhanced access to and mining capabilities for large-scale functional genomic data. To facilitate a systems-level view of gene networks, we have developed a web-based network visualization tool called "N-Browse" ( that allows researchers to browse gene neighborhoods and heterogeneous functional relationships in a modular way based on these integrated data. We have also developed a web-accessible database of RNA interference (RNAi) phenotypes in C. elegans, "RNAiDB" (, which we use both to distribute data from large-scale RNAi studies and as an online notebook for ongoing high-content phenotypic analysis. In conjunction, we are developing strategies to make phenotypic data more amenable to computational analysis and tools to mine these data.

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The Center for Genomics and Systems Biology at NYU Abu Dhabi is currently inviting applications for multiple Bioinformatics Software Engineer positions. These personnel will form the nucleus of a new bioinformatics core group to support multiple large-scale projects in the new NYU Abu Dhabi Center for Genomics and Systems Biology as part of a larger NYUAD Research Institute initiative. These position are NOT located in the United States. You must be willing to RELOCATE TO ABU DHABI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. NYU Abu Dhabi is an Equal Oppurtunity/Affirmative Action Employer.


National Academies Education Fellow in the Life Sciences, NSF ADVANCE Fellows Award, W.M. Keck Foundation Fellowship in Biology

Selected Works:

PubMed Search Results:

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